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    Embrace Gentle and Effective Baby Care with Shield Baby Wipes! 🍼🌿 High Fiber Content for Maximum Absorbency: Experience superior absorbency with the high fiber content for quick and efficient cleansing. Cotton Fiber Material for Super Soft Texture: Enjoy a soft and gentle touch on your baby's skin with the use of cotton fiber material. Alcohol & Fragrance-Free: Formulated without alcohol and fragrance to ensure the wipes are gentle and safe for your baby's delicate skin. Resealable Sticker: Retain moisture between uses by always resealing the sticker, promoting long-lasting freshness. Ideal for Baby Change and Feed Time: These wipes are perfect for gentle cleansing during baby change and feed times. Peel Back Label, Use as Required: Conveniently peel back the label, use as needed, and reseal after use to keep wipes moist. Safety Precautions: Keep out of reach of children, avoid contact with eyes, do not flush down the toilet, and dispose of with household waste. Choose Shield Baby Wipes for a reliable and caring solution for your baby's skin. Prioritize gentleness and effectiveness in every wipe! 👶💚



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