ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

ISO is an international body that standardizes how businesses and organizations involved in commerce and industry manage. The specific requirements and operating procedures are the responsibility of the individual business or organization. ISO standards and systems are tools that allow efficient implementation and communication, so that any organization in any country is able to conduct business with any other. Shield® is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified which means it goes through a series of internal and ISO audits to ensure that all procedural requirements and documentation are adhered to during everyday practices. It is these standardizations that make Shield® a winning product, no less than anything available in the global market.


SANHA is also active on a global scale, being an active member on numerous international platforms. Shield® is proud to be approved by the SANHA HALAL community. SANHA HALAL community. All its raw materials that need to be used are HALALand therefore SHIELD’s consumers can be at ease when taking any of its manufactured products home. SANHA Pakistan is a derivative of SANHA (South Africa) – a world leader in Halaal food certification, later being the mentor and trainer of SANHA Pakistan; who effectively offers services to businesses and consumers in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. With the aim to inform, educate, train, and serve the masses about Halaal certifications. All SANHA operations and services are performed in light of Shari’ah.


PSQCA Certification supports a manufacturer’s claim that their product conforms to an acceptable standard, thus a buyer may enjoy a third-party testimony that he is buying a product produced under an effective quality control system, in other words, value for money. Certified companies/products are registered with PSQCA Certification Mark Scheme and SHIELD® is one of them.