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CHAMP ToothPaste Strawberry


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Fight Cavities,
Remove Plaque,
Freshens Breath
With Calcium Fluoride
Strawberry Flavor
60gm Pack

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Discover the Power of Shield Champs Strawberry Toothpaste – Elevate Your Child’s Dental Care Routine.
Unlock a world of oral health with Shield Champs Strawberry Toothpaste, packed with key features that promise comprehensive dental care for your young ones.
Fight Cavities: Shield Champs Toothpaste is your partner in cavity prevention, ensuring your child’s teeth stay strong and healthy.
Remove Plaque: Formulated to effectively remove plaque, this toothpaste promotes clean and bright smiles that shine with confidence.
Freshens Breath: Shield Champs Toothpaste brings a refreshing breath of confidence to your child’s day, helping them feel their best.
With Calcium Fluoride: Enriched with Calcium Fluoride, this toothpaste strengthens tooth enamel, providing superior protection against cavities.
Strawberry Flavor: The delightful Strawberry Flavour transforms brushing into an enjoyable experience, making oral care a joyful daily routine.
In a convenient 60gm pack, Shield Champs Strawberry Toothpaste ensures that your child’s oral care is a breeze, no matter where they go.
Elevate your child’s oral care journey with Shield Champs Strawberry Toothpaste. Nourish their smiles with the care they deserve and establish lifelong dental habits from an early age. Buy now and experience the blend of effective dental care and the delightful allure of strawberry freshness.

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