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Baby Diaper Super Bachat Pack Size 3 Medium (4-9Kg) 44 Count


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  • Frontal Tape Velcro System.
  • Internal Gel Lock Technology allows Immediate absorption & keeps your baby dry.
  • Cloth-like backsheet keeps baby comfortable and prevents rashes.
  • Elastic Leg cuffs fit on baby’s thighs to prevent leakage.
  • Unisex
  • Baby Diaper New Super Bachat Pack Size 3 Medium (4-9Kg) 44 Count.

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Shield Baby Diaper Super Bachat Pack Size 3 – the perfect solution for parents seeking both comfort and convenience for their little ones. Specifically designed for babies weighing between 4-9kg, this pack contains 44 diapers to keep you well-prepared for your baby’s daily needs.

Frontal Tape Velcro System: Experience the ease of our Frontal Tape Velcro System, ensuring a secure fit and making diaper changes a breeze. This feature allows for quick adjustments, providing comfort for both you and your baby.

Internal Gel Lock Technology: Our diapers boast advanced Internal Gel Lock Technology, facilitating immediate absorption to keep your baby dry and content. Say goodbye to wetness and hello to long-lasting dryness, even during active play.

Cloth-like Backsheet: Crafted with a soft, cloth-like backsheet, our diapers prioritize your baby’s comfort. This gentle material not only provides a cozy feel but also helps prevent rashes, ensuring a happy and irritation-free experience.

Elastic Leg Cuffs: Equipped with Elastic Leg Cuffs, our diapers offer a secure and comfortable fit around your baby’s thighs. This feature not only prevents leakage but also enables freedom of movement, allowing your little one to explore with ease.

Unisex: Designed for both baby boys and girls, our Size 3 diapers provide a versatile and practical solution for parents who appreciate simplicity without compromising on quality.

Super Bachat Pack – 44 Count: Maximize value with our Super Bachat Pack, containing 44 high-quality diapers. This bulk pack is perfect for parents seeking a cost-effective solution without compromising on the care their little ones deserve.

Choose Shield Baby Diaper Super Bachat Pack Size 3 for a reliable, comfortable, and budget-friendly diapering solution that keeps your baby dry, happy, and ready for every moment.

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