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Baby Diaper Super Bachat Pack Size New Born (Upto 5 KG) 50 Count


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  • Frontal Tape Velcro System.
  • Internal Gel Lock Technology allows Immediate absorption & keeps your baby dry.
  • Cloth-like backsheet keeps baby comfortable and prevents rashes.
  • Elastic Leg cuffs fit on baby’s thighs to prevent leakage.
  • Unisex
  • Baby Diaper Super Bachat Pack Size New Born (Upto 5 KG) 50 Count

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Introducing our Shield Baby Diaper Super Bachat Pack for New Borns, a thoughtful and reliable solution designed to provide the utmost comfort and care for your precious little one. Specifically crafted for babies weighing up to 5kg, this pack includes 50 diapers to keep you well-prepared for your baby’s early needs.

Frontal Tape Velcro System: Experience the ease and convenience of our Frontal Tape Velcro System, designed for quick and secure diaper changes. This user-friendly feature ensures a snug and comfortable fit for your newborn.

Internal Gel Lock Technology: Our diapers feature advanced Internal Gel Lock Technology, enabling immediate absorption to keep your baby dry and content. Say goodbye to dampness, and rest assured that our diapers offer superior dryness, promoting a happy and healthy start for your little one.

Cloth-like Backsheet: Crafted with a soft, cloth-like backsheet, our diapers prioritize your baby’s comfort. This gentle material not only provides a cozy touch but also helps prevent rashes, ensuring your newborn stays comfortable and content throughout the day.

Elastic Leg Cuffs: Designed with Elastic Leg Cuffs, our diapers offer a secure and comfortable fit around your baby’s thighs. This feature not only prevents leakage but also allows for unrestricted movement, providing your little one with the freedom to explore.

Unisex: Our New Born diapers are thoughtfully designed for both boys and girls, offering a versatile and practical solution for parents who appreciate simplicity without compromising on quality.

Super Bachat Pack – 50 Count: Maximize value with our Super Bachat Pack, containing 50 high-quality diapers. This pack is perfect for parents seeking an economical and reliable diapering solution for their newborns, ensuring a dry and happy beginning.

Choose Shield Baby Diaper Super Bachat Pack for New Borns for a trustworthy, comfortable, and cost-effective diapering solution that meets the unique needs of your newest family member.

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